My intimate style of photography explores and captures spontaneous, real emotions. I want you to be yourself. Expect fun interactions with me during your session, so authentic images come to life naturally.

I also prefer to capture images bathed in natural light. This opens the door to photos that combine people in rich background settings that you find at parks, waterfronts, farm buildings, historical settings, your yard or mine. I love how nature's energy shines through in the photos and adds to the drama. 

I prefer to schedule sessions early in the morning before 8 am or late afternoon and into the early evening hours in summer. The colorful illumination during those hours produces the most flattering images. I'm happy to schedule sessions at any time, but it's vital to have adequate shade when the sun is at its highest point in the sky. My yard features sweeping landscapes, an old red barn and vistas in a rual setting. Most of my clients choose my property's rich variety of settings for their sessions. 

When it comes to clothing, I recommend keeping it simple. Don't stress out about it. Be true to yourself. Clothing that reflects your personality and particular style will go a long way. If it's a group session, choose clothes that are complementary. Consider ways to create interesting focal points for photos--like wearing a distinctive ring, bracelet, scarf or hat. Do not be afraid to wear color!  Make sure children like what they are wearing and pick your battles. For instance, if your young son really wants to wear a batman shirt, bring it along and we can get a few shots with his favorite shirt.

Pets are always welcome!

Please do not arrive more than 5 minute before your scheduled photo shoot. It is likely I have another shoot scheduled before yours and won't be available to start early.