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End of Life Pet Sessions

Your pet's unconditional love and trust should not be forgotten, especially at the end of his or her life. When your pet's quality of life becomes compromised by disease or simply by age, end of life sessions beautifully honor this special relationship and celebrate its happiness.

I am a proud member of the Tilly Project, which is a group of photographers around the world who offer end of life pet photography sessions for elderly or terminally ill pets and their owners. Sessions may take place at your home or mine, inside or outside. I promise to handle them with dignity and respect. My goal is to emphasize the undeniable trust and love between you and pet. You may schedule an end of life session with little notice due to medical circumstances. I will make every attempt to accommodate your request.

It may be difficult to know when to do an end of life session. If your pet is a senior and or has a terminal illness and is still able to get around and enjoy life, that is the perfect time. You'll want to capture them as healthy and comfortable as they can be given their circumstances.

Sessions include a gallery of beautifully edited photos and a link to download the files