Everyone wants the perfect photo, but photos that truly shine result from a bit of thought and preparation that happens long before you arrive for your session. The answers below come from years of frequently asked questions and years of experience in what works best. Please take a few minutes to read through these answers as you prepare for your photo session, so everything goes smoothly and you receive the results you desire.

Time of day - I prefer to schedule senior sessions early in the morning before 8 am or late afternoon and into the early evening hours during the summer. The colorful illumination during those hours produces the most flattering images.

 Clothing - Arrive in the outfit you plan to wear first. If you are unsure about certain outfits, bring them along and I can take a look. It's always better to have more choices than not enough. Please make sure your additional outfits are ironed and free of stains. Short, tight dresses and skirts will most certainly limit movement. Clothing that is too big or too small will not photograph well. I recommend trying all potential outfits on before you arrive. With each outfit, crouch, sit, raise your arms up - I want you to be able to move freely. Stay true to your style. Clothing that reflects your personality and particular style will go a long way. Mix up your outfits for variety - Don't bring all sleeveless tops or all dresses, for example. Consider ways to create interesting focal points for photos - like wearing a distinctive ring, bracelet or hat. Do not be afraid to wear color! Lastly, keep in mind these are your senior pictures. Words that come to mind are timeless and tasteful.

Shoes - Shoes are way less important than you think. I don't do a lot of full body shots, so often times shoes are not even visible. In fact, shoes can limit poses, so during the summer months, many girls slip their shoes off. It gives a causal, summery vibe - so make sure your toes look cute!

 Girls - it's very important to bring coordinating bras for your different outfits. Don't rely on just one bra for all your outfits if the straps are different. It can be difficult editing bra straps so please plan your outfits with this in mind. Furthermore, choose clothing that minimizes tan lines. Most tan lines will not be edited out, so plan wisely and use sunscreen!

 Skin - If you are prone to acne, ramp up your acne treatment a week or so before your scheduled shoot to ensure your skin looks its best. I will edit and smooth out skin but I like to keep people looking as natural as possible. If acne is severe, I may have to contract out the editing and an additional fee will be added.

 Make up - Less is more. I can always enhance a photo, but it's hard to remove makeup. For example, if you never wear eye shadow, don't wear it for your session. The goal is to capture you, and not a made up version of you. I do not recommend having your makeup professionally done before your shoot. That goes for hair too. Do your hair and makeup as if you were going out with friends. Sometimes hands and bare feet are in photos so make sure you don't have chipped polish.

Props - I have had everything from pick up trucks, musical instruments, sporting equipment, pom poms, pets - you name it. If it is important to you and defines you and you want to incorporate a prop into your senior photos let's do that. Using props adds time to a normal senior session, so allowing some extra time for them should be discussed at the time of booking.

Meals - Please make sure you eat before your session. A rumbling tummy will take your mind off of your session, so eat a light meal or snack before you arrive. I offer beverages on the golf cart.

Support - Deciding on whether to come alone for your senior session or not can be a difficult decision. Some students come alone and others bring their mom (and dad in some cases!) It really depends on your comfort level.  I want you to be comfortable, so you may bring your mom, dad, BFF, family dog - whoever will make you feel at ease works for me.